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Counos Staking

Counos Staking

  1. Select one of the recommended Plans
  2. Make a deposit in the currency you want to stake
  3. HODL & Earn

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet. Users get return on their investment based on the plan they choose. There are several investment plans to choose from, for instance daily or annually.

Use Counos X (CCXX) and be part of this exciting staking opportunity. The invested Counos X coins will not be spent or even transferred; the aim is to pool all the invested Counos X together in order to make up trusted nodes in the Blockchain network of Counos X. Each trusted node in the Blockchain network of Counos X needs to have at least 500,000 Counos X. In this way, with this staking project, we want everyone to be part of a trusted node in the Blockchain of Counos X.